Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Unleash Your Brand's Full Potential

Posted:Jan 30, 2018
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Unleash Your Brand's Full Potential

Consumers are relying more and more on social media platforms for trends, news, and events. Users connect with brands they love on multiple social platforms by clicking the like or follow button. 59% of Americans who use social media think that customer service done through social platforms has resolved issues and answered questions faster and efficiently. This makes social media a great opportunity for companies to reach out to new and old audiences.


But if you’re a small business and don’t know how to utilize social media, we have prepared a shortlist of the 3 most important social media marketing trends to unleash your brand’s full potential.


  • Chatbots – These allow your company to interact quickly with customers, clients, and followers who have questions about a product or service. According to Facebook Messenger, they have at least 100,000 active bots that help marketers connect with audiences. NOTE: When adding chatbots to your marketing strategy, remember to consider widening your audience.
  • Ephemeral Content – Using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat stories allow businesses to show more personality. It provides storytelling-based, real-time content that many of your followers can relate to. Ephemeral content also creates a quick response from your followers which your brand can benefit from especially when it comes to marketing.
  • Video – Last year, 90% of user-generated content on social media are videos. Facebook users have also spent roughly 100 million hours of scrolling through countless videos. The trick, however, is to capture your followers' attention. NOTE: When thinking about creating video content, make sure its quality is high and very engaging.


One secret that no marketing trend can ever provide are the trained eyes and ears of digital marketing specialists. AskAnny’s team of experts can gauge the pulse of your targeted social media audience by using measurable strategies to get your small business ready up-to-date with the current social media marketing trend.

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