5 Tips on How to Market Your Local Business

Posted:Mar 05, 2018
Author:Admin Ask Anny
5 Tips on How to Market Your Local Business

It's the last month of 2018's first quarter. Time sure does go by really fast when you're busy planning and making sure your New Year's resolution is within reach. One common resolution for many small businesses is improving its online presence.

We know you've invested a lot of time and money on your business and website, but relying solely on your physical store and site are not enough for potential customers to see your name on search engine results page. To understand how to market your local business, Ask Anny has collected the top 5 tricks of the trade to promote your store on the internet. These tips complement your well-designed, optimized, responsive websites.

·      Content Creation - This is key when it comes to engaging customers. Your visitors want to read unique copy that speaks to their interests. To improve your online presence, make sure your content is rich in searchable keywords that Google can index. PRO TIP: Add spice to your content marketing by including fun, educational videos or infographics.

·      Social Media - With billions of users around the world, using social media is a must for local businesses. It connects your business with customers who are looking for your service or product but lives outside your neighborhood. Constantly updating your social media and interacting with your customers create brand personality. PRO TIP: Mix up your promotional posts with some funny memes or GIFs for a more casual vibe.

·      Paid Advertising - PPC or pay-per-click advertising works hand-in-hand with organic advertising on social media. This is a targeted way of advertising to customers. It is effective but tricky because social media platforms have their own set of rules businesses have to follow.

·      Reviews, Reviews - A well-reviewed business creates trust and reliability. The more people read positive things about your business, the more they'll want to visit and check out your store. PRO TIP: Encourage your customers to write positive reviews to improve your local search visibility!

·      Local Citations - Remember phone books? It's kind of like that, except it doesn't take up space in your house. For search engine optimization, it is important for local businesses to appear on as many websites as possible. Doing so helps put your business on the map. For starters, there is Google+. But you can also add your business name, address, website, and phone numbers on Yellow Pages or Yelp.

A special trick of the trade that many small businesses do is to hire digital marketing specialists who are trained to help mom-and-pop shops grow their business. Ask Anny's trendy and tech-savvy team of experts provides all the necessary help you need. Whether it's a mobile responsive website, social media assistance, or a combination of both, trust that their team will deliver and provide projects or campaigns with measurable results. They can also help with email marketing, branding, customer support, or app development.    

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