2 Important Tips to Boost Profits this Holiday Season

Posted:Nov 13, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
2 Important Tips to Boost Profits this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and that means shoppers will be very, very busy buying presents for friends and family. In a RetailMeNot survey, individual consumer spending between Black Friday to Cyber Monday is projected to increase from $505 to $743.


This is a great opportunity for a small business to advertise its brand, website, and products. To ensure you get the best out of the online weekend shopping spree, hash out a plan to engage users with content that reflects their needs.


Here are two best-kept secrets on how your small business can benefit the 2017 holiday shopping spree:


·      Season of giving gets bigger and bigger – With holiday spending growing bigger and bigger with each passing year, seasonal ad campaigns now run longer than ever. Many businesses run their seasonal ads three months before the holidays.


It’s time you take advantage of people’s holiday spending. Incorporate holiday ad campaigns on your website. Make sure your campaigns and your website are optimized and mobile-ready.


Pro tip: Before publishing your holiday ads, test them first to see they work on several formats.  


·      Your content must reflect your users’ needs – You need a strategy when writing content for the holiday season. When you run your three-month seasonal ads, your content must reflect consumers’ shopping tendencies.


A better way of understanding is a gift buyer starts his/her shopping experience looking for ideas like “best gifts for dads” or “practical gifts for friends.” As they close in on the holiday shopping, consumer’s gift buying get more specific.


Create content that reflect these tendencies. The approach you should take is – first your articles should be about providing consumers ideas on what products or brands they should buy for their friends or families. Then, you create an informative content that compares two competing products.


While these tips look easy, they tend to be tricky as you balance your online ad campaigns and content writing while managing and preparing your store for the holidays. AskAnny ensures small businesses receive all the digital marketing assistance they need, so they can be ready for the busiest weekend of the year.


Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, developers, and SEO specialists will help you design and plan a marketing campaign that will boost your brand’s online presence and profits.

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