The Task of the SEO strategist

Posted:Apr 01, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
The Task of the SEO strategist

The sci-fi laced future, we have been hearing about, might be right around the corner. Artificial Intelligence reading and analyzing human patterns of online activities to high speed enabled mobile web pages, the digitalization of the modern world may not be such a terrible thing. It sounds as if it could make our lives easier. But we should keep one thing in mind: human interaction is still the driving force behind all the technological advancements and developments.

Technology is becoming more and more consumer driven. Search engines are better, faster, and smarter. These changes in search engines and online technology benefit SEO strategists and digital marketers. They bridge gaps between B2B and B2C. When SEO strategists connect businesses to customers and businesses to other businesses, they develop human connection, while helping business increase their profits and global reach.

In Masha Maksimava’s recent blog post, she states that search engines are more trustworthy sources of consumer and marketing insights than the traditional customer marketing feedback strategies. The reason: consumers tend to be dishonest when asked about their feedback during face-to-face surveys.

But human interaction is not a lost art form in the online world. There maybe some truth behind people being dishonest during face-to-face surveys, but people are people. They will still have tendencies to be dishonest behind their computer screens. However, search engine results maybe more trustworthy because people feel safer from criticism and violent reactions when sharing their opinions, ideas, and queries online.

The task on hand, for SEO strategists, is understanding the validity of search engine result page (SERP) outcome and utilizing marketing metrics to build human interaction and increase business ventures and profits. Artificial intelligence speeds up search results, but a SEO strategist or eMarketing specialist will have the right tools and analysis to understand search engine results.

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