A Unique Site is Great for Business

Posted:Oct 24, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
A Unique Site is Great for Business

When you’re creating your personal page, using a template is a good, simple solution. You can build your website by using free templates online or by paying a small amount for website templates. If, however, you need a website for your business, avoid using templates all together.


Website templates don’t appeal much to your visitors’ and Google’s standards. Your potential visitors enjoy the experience of unique websites with original content. Your original web design is an integral part of your uniqueness.


Oftentimes, a template contains erroneous, fluff code. These codes make a slower loading website. Google and your potential visitors don’t appreciate a website that loads slowly. In fact, Google will soon be penalizing websites with slow load time by ranking them lower in search results.


As a brand, you want your business to standout. When using a template for your website, you’ll have a harder time customizing your page to show your visitors who you are and what you can do. With a template, you’re tied to what a template has laid out for you. It will be difficult to update your website as your brand continues to grow.


Here are a few tips to consider:


·      Be Different – A distinctive website provides your future visitors a glimpse of your unique brand. A unique site represents your brand identity. it also shows an image that you’re not a fly-by-night business.

·      Hire a Professional Web Design Team – Using an erroneous website template can be more expensive than hiring a professional. You’ll shell out more money to update a template to fit your necessities.

·      Show the Real You – Owning a website designed specifically for your brand represents the real you that you can use to boost your web ranking and search engine visibility.


The next time you want to reach out to a wider audience, while saving yourself more money, hire a digital marketing manager, like AskAnny.com. When you use AskAnny’s services, they help your business by designing a responsive website that increases your site’s usability and accessibility. Their SEO managers and copywriters will work on boosting your online brand visibility by using keywords in your web content, while maintaining a fresh, engaging voice your visitors can relate with.


Be original! Let AskAnny.com’s creative team design the website your brand deserves.

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