8 Tips for a Better Mobile UX

Posted:Sep 19, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
8 Tips for a Better Mobile UX

When you want your allowance increased, you always try to be on your parent’s good side. Your mobile UX runs a similar route when it comes to Google’s approval rating. A bad mobile UX design doesn’t help your cause of an increased online presence. Google, on the other hand, loves a well-designed mobile UX. You’ll notice this too because, you’ll see progress on your site’s online presence.


The creative crew at AskAnny.com believe that “if it’s Google approved, then your ranking will improve.” The mobile developers, graphic designers, and copywriters at AskAnny have narrowed down their tips for a better mobile experience.


Here is a list of AskAnny’s 8 tips for a better mobile UX:


1.     Fast Loading Pages – Everybody wants a fast loading page. As the owner of a mobile page, you would want to satisfy your viewers’ need of using a site that loads in a snap. Ask your mobile developer if they can minify their code and reduce the weight of images they’ll be using.

2.     Accessible Content – Do you get annoyed when large ads pop-up while reading an interesting article? Avoid having large pop-ups that interfere with your visitors’ reading. Keep in mind, Google, in early 2017, will punish sites by ranking lower in SERPs when their main content is covered by pop-ups.

3.     Goal Oriented Content – Your content must not be anywhere and everywhere. You want your content to be focused and centered towards an aim or a goal. Adding an image that directly speaks about the text helps, too!

4.     Short and Sweet Menu – Keep your menu to a minimum! In part of wanting mobile UX fast, users want lesser menu options for quicker and easier navigation.

5.     Clickable Logo for Homepage – Sometimes sticking to conventional methods is the only way to go. In the world of web design, logos when clicked redirects you to the homepage. Keep it this way, and your mobile visitors will love your site.

6.     Autocorrect Site Search – When you need help and someone helps you right away, you are very gracious and appreciative. Make sure your site autocorrects your visitors when they use your search bar. It serves as an easier search experience for your visitors.

7.     Improve Filters for Faster Navigation – Aid your visitors’ navigation experience. Improve your filters to help visitors with refined results and faster navigation.

8.     Good Editing – Check your grammar. Be cautious of punctuation marks. Read and edit carefully before publishing any content on your site. A site with poor editing might also lead to a low search engine visibility.


Nothing comes easy in the world of web and mobile development. It takes tons of consistency and continuity to create site that your targeted audience will love and appreciate. Hiring a professional, like AskAnny.com, will help you set goals and strategies that will increase your online visibility. Their team of creative writers, designers, developers, and social media strategists will develop a mobile site that is very user friendly without sacrificing style and function.


Be better than your competitors! Let AskAnny.com help your brand by generating a fast loading site with a content that keeps your visitors wanting more.    

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