Benefits of Knowing Your Audience

Posted:Aug 25, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Benefits of Knowing Your Audience

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We often hear this saying when it comes to molding our judgment on picking our wine bottles and books, of course. Sometimes we find the most appealing bottle of wine, but the taste and flavor itself is subpar. When also pick up a book depending on its cover design, then realize halfway through the book that its content is nothing but lackluster. 


Similarly, we often find websites with an amazing design, but have a very dry, unappealing content. 


Having a creative graphic design for your site is one thing, but the design needs to be matched with an engaging content. Your mentality, as a business owner, when it comes to your website should be “Hooked by web design. Stayed for web content.”


When creating your website’s content, understanding your audience is key. Once you’ve figured out who your readers are you’ll be able to create and develop content that will keep your audience wanting for more.


You need to take in mind these 3 important elements for writing content that resonates to your readers:

  1. Content must be relevant — In growing your website’s readership, remember that you are writing for an audience. You are not the only one reading what is on your site’s content. To grab your readers attention, your content must be informative, educational, and entertaining.
  2. Content must be real — Website visitors are now smarter than before. Readers are able to filter content that resonates to them. Your content must have a sense of authenticity and realness. You lose your readership when you have inauthentic content.
  3. Content must be consistent — When it comes to your site’s content, you must not only have a consistent language in content but, you must also, if you have a blog, post in a consistent manner. If your readers don’t see updates and posts, they tend to lose interest in checking out your website.


To get a thorough understanding of who your target audiences are, it is advisable to seek the help of SEO managers who will look into your marketing metrics. Once they’ve figured out your needs and goals, they’ll work with copywriters who’ll create engaging content suited for your target audience. The team of creatives will develop search engine and social media strategies to boost your search engine visibility.


Beyond developing engaging content, hiring a digital marketing company, such as, will also increase your business’ profitability. AskAnny's highly skilled team of designers, developers, and copywriters, will design your: website, mobile application, flyer, brochure, and promotional banners.


Rise above your competition! Let help your business by generating creative responsive websites and web content that resonates to your target audience.  


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