Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Posted:Aug 23, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Remember when digital music were kind of replacing CDs and records as the chosen music format? Music collectors feared for the “end of days” of vinyls and compact discs. These days, though, different music formats seem to co-exist and go hand-in-hand. 


When it comes to our online experience, a similar trend is unfolding. These days people are all about wanting things on demand, and mobile applications are slowly overtaking websites, in terms of consumer usage. More and more people are using their smartphones and downloading apps for the things they love the most.


What does this mean for small businesses? Whether businesses have a basic or a high-end website, they no longer are sufficient means of reaching out to their targeted audience. With marketing technologies developing everyday, small businesses need to stay abreast with these advancements. 


Digital marketing companies, such as, believe that, like today’s music formats, websites and mobile apps can co-exist and can go hand-in-hand. Small businesses don’t have to abandon their websites, but investing in developing a mobile app will only help your business growth. 


With Google always updating their algorithms to fit technological advancements, they have incorporated app indexing to provide consumers a better online experience.What this means is that small businesses with websites and mobile apps with optimized content boost their brand’s web ranking, increasing their chances of reaching a wider audience.


Adding a mobile app can highly benefit your brand. With mobile apps, you not only optimize your web presence but, you can also:


  • Have an “always ready” to help attitude. Your brand is easily retained in your customer’s memory because they constantly see your app. This allows them to remember you and that your service is available at a tap of a button.
  • Engage your consumers. Your app connects you to your fans, customers, and people who are looking for new experiences. With geo-fencing and constant notifications, you engage customers who are in your neighborhood. When consumers are updated of business’ promotions and perks found in your app, you maintain your brand’s name above your competitors.


More than optimizing your brand through your mobile app, a digital marketing manager will further determine your business’ needs. AskAnny's talented pool of graphic designers, developers, copywriters, and SEO managers will analyze, strategize, and design your: website, mobile application, flyer, brochure, and even company T-shirts.


The future is here, and it’s already re-shaping our online experience. Mobile applications bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. Be on top of your game and the competition! Let help your business by crafting artful mobile apps and websites that is backed by behavioral marketing research.  

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