Keep and Grow Your Patrons with a Responsive Site

Posted:Jul 11, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Keep and Grow Your Patrons with a Responsive Site


Google has been reshaping our search experience. Since the first quarter of 2015, Google has penalized webpages that aren’t using responsive websites. To promote a more informative, innovative, and user-friendly interface, Google ranks websites based on its mobile responsive design, and if you have a non-responsive site, your webpage will be at the bottom of the search results. 


In the past fews years, use of mobile phones has exponentially grown and has surpassed desktop searches. Nowadays, we browse on our phones when we need to search for local areas such as record stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. 


To avoid being penalized by Google or losing customers from having a non-responsive site, it is time for small businesses to upgrade to a mobile responsive site. Technological innovations to help companies step into 21st Century digital marketing are easily available. 


Having a responsive site provides opportunities for your company to rank higher in Google’s search engine results. With the growing use of mobile responsive sites, small businesses need to pay close attention to geofencing, voice search, and installing plugins for WordPress to make your site mobile responsive and optimized for search engines. 


To a small business with a responsive site, utilizing geofencing adds direct interaction with patrons. When you incorporate geofencing to your site, you create a virtual fence around your storefront. Geofencing is a type of targeted advertising wherein you can inform your patrons about your special offers and discounts, whenever they are within your set virtual fence.


Another way to optimize your mobile responsive website is to adopt voice search. Since users lean towards mobile search, more often than not they search by voice. You would need to tweak your traditional SEO keyword to incorporate keywords that is more conversational. 


Finally, if your webpage runs on WordPress, you would need to add plugins to convert your page to a mobile responsive site. While you’ll find versatile themes on WordPress, they are often not SEO-ready. The prices for the best WordPress plugins for your site vary. Regardless of what plugins you choose, free plugins or not, it is advisable to hire an SEO manager or specialist.


Keeping and growing a consistent clientelle is not an easy task. Even with the help of a responsive site equipped with geofencing technology, SEO-ready WordPress site, and traditional and conversational keywords, you’ll still need help with all your digital campaigns. You need the continuity and consistency a digital marketing manager can give you when it comes to your digital and advertising campaigns.


Depending on your budget and needs, AskAnny can help your business with social media engagement, digital advertising campaigns, and brand visibility by creating artful webpages with identified desired action. Their team of artists, graphic designers, and copywriters will craft your responsive site with engaging content that will communicate your story and message to your patrons.


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