5 Ways for Better Social Media Optimization

Posted:Apr 27, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
5 Ways for Better Social Media Optimization

We all have that one friend who overshares their thoughts, experiences, and/or photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Whether or not they are conscious of their habit of oversharing, these friends of ours are walking a thin line between cute, interesting posts and the annoyingly infuriating posts. You know it, deep inside your patient heart. You’re just the nice friend that let’s those things slide.


This same problem rings true for small businesses when it comes to managing their Social Media outlets. Thinking Social Media platforms as a secondary form of marketing, many small business owners tend to manage their companies Social Media accounts. The misconception here is that Social Media is easy to navigate and to use as an online advertising tool.


The truth is, Social Media optimization (SMO) is as tricky as reading a Thomas Guide Map of Los Angeles. If people can learn to read and understand a Thomas Guide Map, then people can also learn to read and understand the complexities of Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms. The thing is, it takes time and effort. When you’re running a business, balancing spreadsheets, entertaining clients, while keeping a family together, who’s got time to learn how to create a social media plan for their business?


In his article for Social Media Week, Brian Hughes shares his wisdom on how often you should share posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., without annoying your followers. Frequency of posting is key in Hughes’ article. He suggests posting: 5-10 posts per week on Facebook, 3-5 tweets per day on Twitter, and once a day, every day on Instagram.


But this is not an exact science. Social Media habits continuously change. The best you can do, according to Hughes, is to “predict, measure, adapt, and repeat.” Paying attention to social media trends and analytics needs a particular eye on constancy and lots and lots of effort.


When you hire a digital marketing manager, such as AskAnny.com, they will help you with predicting, measuring, and adapting to social media trends, while repeating all these necessary steps over to grow your company.


To increase the optimization of your Social Media platforms, your digital marketing manager will create social media engagement strategies that will work for your needs and budget. Some of the things include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving your Headlines — Digital marketing managers will come up with great, catchy titles and trendy hooks for blog posts.
  • Optimizing your Social Media Profiles — They will inject your profile with keywords or keyword phrases to optimize your Social Media page. Also, your social media strategist will make sure your social media profiles’ contents and voice are consistent.
  • Strengthening your Social Media Posts — Your marketing managers will create straight forward calls to action so your messages are crystal clear to your followers and readers.
  • Designing awesome images — Your social media strategist will create a vibrant and well-thought of image that conveys your message will increase traffic to your Social Media accounts, such as Facebook. The more traffic you have on your Social Media profiles, the more your page will appear in your followers’ timeline.
  • Incorporating hashtags on Social Media posts — Digital marketing managers know how to use hashtags to benefit your company and reach new audiences. 

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