Impact of Social Media on Business

Posted:Mar 03, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Impact of Social Media on Business

Social media is one of the most powerful current day tools available to market a business. The average social media user in the United States spends around 37 minutes per day just using social media on the web alone. It can give you the opportunity to improve your brand identity, reach new customers you never knew existed and communicate with existing customers. 
Here are a few reasons of how social media can really impact your business: 

  • Generates revenue 
    Build your desired specific community as well as advertise your products. Take advantage of the ads built on social media, they can be linked back to a social media page or even your website.
  • Brand Development
    Allow customers to connect and interact with your business on an even more personal level.
  • Attract new and existing customers
    Offer promotions/giveaways to attract new customers and keep existing customers always connected wanting more.
  • Reputation Management
    See what people are saying about your business, find out what to improve and what actually is working the best.
  • Networking
    Connect with like-minded people to improve how you do business and eventually gain word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Staffing
    Recruit right from your social media into positions needing to be filled within your business.
  • Search Engine Placement
    As your social following grows so does your visibility in search engines when prospective clients try to find your services/products
Using each of these social media platforms in the right way, however, requires experience and specialized knowledge - you won’t get the same results by creating a few Facebook posts. Although 60% of businesses use Social Media, only 12% of those businesses feel that they are using it effectively, making it absolutely essential to hire a dedicated Social Media Management Agency. These agencies know exactly which platforms are the best benefit to the company, understand what type of strategies really create long-term as well as loyal relationships and really comprehend the relationship between engagement and sales. Is your business currently using social media at its full potential?

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