4 Tips on Creating Brand Awareness for the Holidays

Posted:Oct 24, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
4 Tips on Creating Brand Awareness for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season!  Now is the time to add some pizzazz to your already holiday-themed brand.  You can take this opportunity to further raise your brand awareness by decorating your storefront or having online promotions.  Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, dressing up your store or sharing holiday-themed posts can boost your online presence and increase your sales.  To reach this goal, you must set a detailed to raise brand awareness, while creating brand loyalty. 


As a business owner, you want to make sure your clients happily leave with a purchased product or service and are guaranteed to come back soon, even after the holidays.  Here are some tried and tested ideas you can use to earn more by promoting your brand in the holiday season:


  • Create a Marketing Plan – Moving forward, it’s essential for your business to have a marketing plan.  Jot down all your holiday ideas and develop a short-term plan.  Start by mapping out your area to get a good grasp of who and what’s in your neighborhood.  Then proceed by reaching out to potential partners.  Finally, develop marketing strategies, such as direct mail, digital advertising, flyers, newspaper ads, and email advertising.
  • Maintain Active Social Media – Living in the digital age, social media is an inevitable resource to increase brand awareness.  Use social media to promote your brand and boost your online visibility during Halloween and other holidays.  Share holiday-themed posts on your social media profiles to engage your current followers and expand your audience.  Create online holiday contests and upload special promotions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • Invest in Local Store Marketing – A nice way of improving your brand awareness in your neighborhood is to sponsor schools or youth sports teams during the holidays.  It’s good advertising for your business while building trust and reliability in your community.  Sponsor a school’s Halloween banner with your logo and website on it.  Order fun and useful freebies like frisbees, fidget spinners, notepads, and pens.  Give them away during events you have sponsored.  The people in your neighborhood will begin to recognize and remember your brand.
  • Develop Community Support – Create an inviting atmosphere in your store when you help schools or non-profit organizations with holiday fundraisers.  Create promotional coupons or flyers and share on your social media outlets to generate a buzz around a holiday fundraiser.  The more people who know of the event, the more money you’ll raise for the school or non-profit you’re helping.


Getting your brand out there is not an easy task, but if done correctly can be very rewarding. Ask Anny’s talented team of social media specialists, graphic designers, and copywriters will help you get your brand known by using a well-planned and thought-out marketing strategies. 

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