4 Key Points to Mobile Marketing

Posted:Sep 25, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
4 Key Points to Mobile Marketing

Most of the time our mobile devices are glued to our hands. We are a part of the consumers who spend around 2 hours a day on our phones. Whether it’s for research, social media, or online shopping, our mobile devices have made our lives easier.


This modern-day reality is at times a missed opportunity for most businesses. Marketers cannot connect to its targeted audiences because “micro-moments” are amiss to them. As attention span declines, brands have a hard time getting their voices heard because of constant marketing ads consumers receive on their mobile devices.


Consumers expect a unified experience across all platforms. To have a unified experience, marketers will need to integrate mobile marketing into their strategy.


Here are some key points for successful campaigns:

·      Engagement – Users want a personalized experience with brands. To create a genuine connection with users, companies need to engage in real-time. This means increased communication with new and old clients. Brands need to be prepared to engage with online customers whenever wherever.

·      Conversion – Divert focus on conversion instead of site traffic. Brands need to create a strategy to re-engage shoppers who abandoned their carts. Develop personalized offers to re-capture a shopper’s attention.

·      Data – Analyze your audience’s shopping behavior. Collect insights that show important aspects of your targeted audience. Brands must use gathered data wisely and develop a client-centric approach.

·      Service – Businesses should utilize mobile marketing to improve its services.  By providing quality online service, brands provide post-purchase excellence and develop buyer assistance, and provide reminders to interact with clients.


These key points may look and sound easy from the outside, but is certainly time-consuming and needs consistency when it comes to campaign implementation. Keep in mind to avoid blindly saturating your client base with irrelevant campaigns and communication. Ask Anny’s talented team of social media specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, and web & app developers will utilize these key points to provide brands with optimum campaign strategies at the right place and time.    

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