10 Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Posted:Mar 09, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
10 Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Small businesses are always looking for better ways to advertise their brand and services. Whether they are a construction firm, a salon, a florist, or a restaurant, generating contacts and clients is your top priority.


Local SEO, as a form of local online marketing, is a cost-effective tool to promote a business’ brand and services. Local SEO helps small businesses, like you, get noticed by potential customers right when they need the type of services you provide.


Here are 10 benefits of local SEO for small businesses:

·      Local customers use internet to find small businesses – Residents and local customers use search engines and online directories to find local businesses.

·      Online searches for small local businesses are on the rise – Between 2008 and 2009, local searches increased by 58%. More and more people are looking for local businesses on Google and other search engines.

·      Local search is timely and targeted – Local search connects businesses to customers at the exact time they need a service.

·      High conversion rates – Local directory marketing has higher conversion than traditional advertising. Businesses will have better chances of converting 1 in 2 leads.

·      Mobile internet usage is growing – Potential clients are using mobile devices and apps to search amazing businesses within their area.

·      Amazing return on investment – Cost effective and efficient way of reaching potential clients because advertising is active when they need it.

·      Only a few businesses have claimed their Google Places listing – Many businesses have not taken advantage of Google Places. Use it now while competition is low!

·      Local SEO opportunities are free – Claim your business on Google Maps. This is free advertising. Take advantage because it may not last forever.

·      Newspaper readership is down – Readers are using the internet to read local news as well as to find sweet online deals and top-rated businesses.

·      Local consumers trust online reviews – Customers trust customer reviews of businesses. This word of mouth process helps build your reliability.


Now is the perfect time to invest in local SEO to get your business ahead of your competitors. These online strategies are proven techniques to help your business succeed.


If you have questions about local SEO and how it can help grow your business, send us a message at info@AskAnny.com or call us at (800) 908-6782.

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