7 Techniques to Increase Organic Search

Posted:Mar 08, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
7 Techniques to Increase Organic Search

In today’s digital world, businesses need to have two personalities: your storefront and your online personalities. A storefront personality is how you customize your retail store to attract potential clients to your business or products. Unlike a storefront personality that creates an attractive façade or entrance, your online personality is a series of organic techniques that attracts potential site visitors’ while increasing your online presence.


These organic techniques include:

•      Owning Mobile friendly sites – We live in a time where mobile devices dictate our online activities. One of the first things that clients will see is your website. When you own a mobile friendly site, your website would look good on all devices. As a mobile friendly site, you are rewarded by search engines by prioritizing your website.

•      Strengthening social media presence – Social interaction places a human value when you communicate with your social media followers. Constantly publish useful posts on your social media accounts. Encourage your followers to share your posts. Reply to followers who comments on your posts. Engage with followers as frequently as possible. There have been positive correlations between the amount of time spent on a page and higher search results. 

•      Reformatting site heading tags – Analyze your site’s framework. Maintain concise and straightforward heading tags. Keep it between 15-65 characters. By doing this, you are helping Google understand your site’s content. Include industry-related keywords to narrow down your specific audience. Your keywords will drive clicks when you include them in your title and sub-header.

•      Knowing your target audience – Understanding your demographics gives your website an advantage because you can tailor the user experience depending on your audience. By knowing your target audience, you’ll be able to write useful content about topics that matter to your site visitors.

•      Creating optimized landing pages – Optimized landing pages greatly improve lead generation. Landing pages are like doors to opportunities. The more landing pages you have, the more you open your business to possibilities. The keywords on your landing page’s content should be used naturally.

•      Incorporating voice search – Many users these days use their smartphones to search for things they want and need. Most of these are voice searches. Keep in mind to use syntax that reflects verbal dialogue on your keywords. Users have different oral and written patterns. When you have keywords that follow oral and written patterns, you increase your search traffic.

•      Developing local SEO – Local SEO is a powerful tool to engage potential customers at the exact time they need your type of business. Many individuals and businesses are ditching printed directories. Local search engines promote your business and services to local customers.


Some SEO experts say these methods can be tackled without hiring SEO strategists. These organic techniques change in a blink of an eye. Having a group of digital marketing experts helps you update your social media, website and other online marketing needs. These techniques that increase your organic search needs continuity and consistency. An owner who handles operational logistics while trying to increase organic search will be spread too thin. Your online personality depends on your website and social media’s consistency. With a well-maintained, optimized website, you can better engage with your clients while increasing your site’s traffic.


If you have questions about organic techniques to increase your online presence, send us a message at info@AskAnny.com or call us at (800) 908-6782. We want to help you have a successful, inviting online personality!


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