Continuity and Consistency – Key Tactics to Organic Online Marketing

Posted:Feb 27, 2017
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Continuity and Consistency – Key Tactics to Organic Online Marketing

What do a great tasting stew and effective online marketing tactics have in common? Both require continuity and consistency, not magic. Understanding the right temperature and timing requires a lot of patience. One can’t simply cast a spell and have the perfect stew ready for dinner. All ingredients need to simmer the right amount of time for a well-balanced stew.


Continuity and consistency are also key when it comes to online marketing tactics. For businesses who are curious as to how online marketing works, there is no magic involved in online marketing. Generating traffic and clients to a website takes a lot of time and patience. Trying out content marketing for a few months is not enough time to provide quantitative results to help you decide whether you like online marketing or not. A successful online marketing tactic needs time to simmer its campaigns to gain measurable results.


Organic Online Marketing

Organic types of online marketing need an ample amount of time to generate results. Organic and natural strategies include optimizing your website by updating your content and blogging about industry-relevant topics. Also, redirecting activities to your website by linking your business’ social media sites help your organic online marketing tactics.


These time-tested online marketing tactics may take six months to a year before we can generate quantifiable marketing metrics. Organic online marketing strategies slowly but surely boost your site’s search engine results page ranking.


Here are 3 more simple tactics to help search optimize your website:

1.       Key-phrase rich, easy-to-relate-to headlines – Catch your readers’ attention with engaging titles that provide value and enrichment.

2.       Share organic and paid social media posts – Your posts matter! Share engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

3.       Follow people who engage with your content – To build your audience, follow people who engage with your posts.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing, in comparison to organic online marketing, generates results instantly. It will continue to generate results if you continuously put money into your campaign. Pay-per-click marketing can greatly complement your website’s organic online marketing tactics. While pay-per-click typically works for short term campaigns, it reaches an audience who are looking for specific campaigns, such as yours. Your pay-per-click campaign is your bait to hook site visitors to engage with your content.


Generating effective online marketing tactics need patience and consistency. Hiring dedicated SEO managers, web developers, designers, and copywriters bring these aspects to your website. They know how to approach their work to produce effective and measurable outcomes. They are committed to helping businesses own successful websites.


Ready to dive into online marketing? Need to hash out ideas and question about online marketing? Shoot us an e-mail at or call us at (800)908-6782. We’d love to hear from you!

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