8 Simple Tips to Improving Your Web Design

Posted:Jan 23, 2017
Author:Admin Ask Anny
8 Simple Tips to Improving Your Web Design

Do you have doubts about your website’s effectivity when it comes to engaging and communicating with your targeted audience? Do you ever feel that you’re wasting your hard-earned money on an unsuccessful website?


If you ask these questions every time you look at your site, it’s time for you to improve your website’s design. When planning on re-designing your site, consider the fact that you want to engage with your site visitors – read your site’s content, click on the links you share, or purchase stuff you sell.


The way your website is designed – its layout, color scheme, font type, and images – can define your site’s success. Our experts share some of their insightful tips on how websites can engage with its visitors.


Here are 8 simple tips on how you can improve your website’s design.


·       Have a professional, polished logo – Your logo is your brand’s first interaction with your clients. A logo tells your brand’s story. Make sure your logo is professionally done, and that they are prominently located on your site.

·       Intuitive Navigation – Most primary navigation options are typically positioned in a horizontal menu bar at the top of the site. Make sure you provide secondary navigation option underneath the primary navigations bar. When you have an easy-to-use navigation layout, you keep your site visitors happy and engaged.

·       Say No to Clutter – These days it’s very easy to be visually overwhelmed with images. Keep your website clutter-free and make sure all graphics and images are purposely placed. Also, keep paragraphs short. Use short, concise sentences to tell your stories.

·       Give your guest some room to breathe – Create enough space between your text and images, so your viewers can take the time and space to breathe. This lets them appreciate all the features your site offers.

·       Use color strategically – Your color choices represent your brand. A uniformed, consistent color palette on all your pages project a clean and modern website. Using splashes of color for headlines or key graphics help guide your visitors to your most important content.

·       Use quality images – We understand that not a lot of brands have a budget for professional photographers. But many of your website visitors can pinpoint generic photos. Show your company is one of a kind. Use real photos, instead of stock images.

·       Fonts must be read across devices and browsers – Keep in mind that your visitors will be looking at your website on multiple devices – desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Some large scaled fonts read well on a computer, but not very well on mobile devices.

·       User experience – When your visitors leave, they must leave with the “I’ll visit this site again” mentality. Create a flow that provides optimum user experience. Keep it nice and simple. Also, make sure you have clear and concise Call-to-Action buttons when you’re selling a product or instructing visitors on their next steps.


These simple tips will help improve your website’s interaction with your visitors. While some of the tips sound easy, these tips will work effectively when it is done by professionally trained web designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and developers. Contact your digital marketing manager at ULS, and they will assist you with all your marketing and advertising needs. 

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