Gratitude Must Be Shared Every Day

Posted:Nov 23, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Gratitude Must Be Shared Every Day

These days we are mired by negativity and pessimism. Whichever news source you’re on, you’ll always see and hear terrible things happening in the world that open a floodway of cynicism. All the political ferocity and bizarre things people do make it easy for some of us to feel hopeless.

We also live in a fast food nation where instant gratification is more important than lasting gratitude. We use apps to instantly request a ride in minutes or to get our lunches and groceries delivered wherever we please. Yet we are still unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives.

As 21st century adults, we have lost track of the more significant things that we should be appreciating. Modern technology is something we can all be grateful for. Without technology, we’d still be having a hard time using real maps to figure out directions from one place to another. Nowadays, all we need is to type our destination’s address and our app will generate a route for us.

When I was a child, I remember reading a book entitled “Thank You!.” It’s a story about a little boy who learned the value of gratefulness. The boy is very mindful about the good things that happen to him, big or small, that he never forgets to say thank you. For that, he became a happy and optimistic adult.

Studies have shown that grateful people oftentimes live happier, healthier lives. Friends, family, work, and a roof over our heads are real significant things we must show our gratitude. However, being grateful should not only be confined to the holidays. Gratitude must be shared every day, because we’re surrounded by the people we love.

When someone brings donuts to work, always show them you appreciate their gesture. You can also simply say thank you to someone who opens a door for you. But most of all, thank your friends and family for always being by your side. Better yet, give them a hug! 

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