7 reasons why printed media is important

Posted:Mar 11, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
7 reasons why printed media is important

Many clients believe printed media to be something of the past when really its now one of the most popular non-traditional methods of marketing. Non-traditional? - you may ask, but really when you come to think of it every current company is using social media as a marketing outlet. Making social media, blogging, web articles and so on are the actual traditional methods of use to further market a company. 
Here are 7 reasons to completely rethink print:

1. Print grabs a readers attention
Nowadays the amount of mail we really receive has lessened in such a huge amount that we as consumers actually take notice at the items we receive in the mail. With less mail, more attention is paid to each and every piece. What kind of opportunity arises? The decision that magazines are making leave a clear opportunity for content marketers to fill the gap.

2. It’s focus on costumer retention
Historically, the real reason why print magazines and newsletters were created was for customer retention purposes. One of the biggest problems we as marketers tend to have is that after customers choose to purchase something with us we forget to nurture them continuously afterward.

3. There are no audience development costs
It’s simple, you have customers whom have already dealt with your business so you just use your own customer mailing list. Of course you can also send printed material to other locations but with each and every new eye on your printed material is another chance at a future customer in your door.

4. What’s old is now new again
Everyone is so used to social media being such a huge part of the marketing mix nowadays. What excites future consumers is what IS NOT being done. Everyone always wants to do something different and new. The print channel is seeing a rebirth unlike never before. 

5. Customers need to know what questions to ask
Through the internet we find the answers to almost anything but through print is really where we form the questions we need to ask. In order to challenge customers and further intrigue their interests, print is a great option.

6. Print still excites people
Printed words are still perceived as much more credible to people than anything that could ever appear on the web. Ask someone to be interviewed for something online and they’ll debate it but ask someone to be interviewed for a printed magazine and they’ll agree right away. Almost like the belief that if someone invested enough to print and mail it - it has to be important.

7. Print lets people unplug from the everyday digital world
More and more people are desperately trying to find ways to unplug from their everyday strenuous digital lives. Printed media allows them for just another reason to enjoy something that doesn't require a computer, mobile phone, email or Facebook view. 

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