Top 3 Strategies for Effective Cross Media Advertising

Posted:Jun 06, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
Top 3 Strategies for Effective Cross Media Advertising

I asked a friend of mine why he had 3,000 friends on Facebook. He said he adds acquaintances and friends, old and new, for networking purposes. “One day you might need help with a business proposal or you’re looking for better opportunities, you’ll have a wide network of Facebook friends you can start your search with.”


Cross media marketing campaigns are similar to the network of friends and acquaintances you have on your different social media platforms. As an individual user of social media platforms, it widens our network of friends and followers. Cross media marketing widens your business’ target audiences.


Cross marketing advertisements include outdoor, traditional, and digital ads, e.g., web design banners, billboard ads, TV commercials, social media ads, and newspaper/magazine ads. 


Marketing and advertising strategies have changed through the years. From the traditional form of advertising to print ads we now see a rise in digital advertisements. We see pop-up ads on our favorite websites, 30-second ads on Youtube or Hulu, and banner ads on Pandora. views the changes as opportunities for your company to shine. They don’t see the different forms of advertisements clashing against each other. AskAnny sees these changes as essential and complementary in growing your business.


To have effective ads, whether it’s a web banner design or a commercial spot on TV, your business needs a cross media communications expert. A digital marketing manager or media marketing manager will utilize these 3 effective cross media advertising strategies.

  • Cohesive and Consistent Message — Ads that say different messages to different targeted audiences create confusion. When you hire cross media marketing agencies, they will formulate several ads in different forms tailored to different targeted audiences with a unified message that customers across the board would understand.
  • Create a Clear Call-to-Action — When listening or looking at ads, you don’t want to leave targeted audiences scratching their heads and not understanding what you want them to do after viewing your ad. Whether you need a landing page for your webpage or a newspaper ad, cross media designers will create interesting and artful ads with well-defined and identified desired action. 
  • Personalized Ads — Adding a personal touch to your ads are important. It builds particular brand image of trustworthiness and brand identity that stands out from the rest. Hiring cross marketing agencies bridge the gap between you and your clients when they write compelling custom made emails and messages.


Depending on your budget and needs, AskAnny can help your business with social media engagement, digital advertising campaigns, and brand visibility by creating artful ads with identified desired action. AskAnny’s team of researchers, artists, graphic designers, and copywriters will craft your cross media campaign that will leave your targeted audiences saying, “They’re thinking of me.”

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