3 Benefits of Google My Business

Posted:May 22, 2016
Author:Admin Ask Anny
3 Benefits of Google My Business

As one of the leading digital marketing management firms, AskAnny.com finds new ways of helping you grow your company’s profit, clientelle, and online presence. Today, AskAnny.com presents to you Google My Business — Google’s digital equivalent of phonebooks we receive in the mail.


In line with all the social media engagement and strategies AskAnny utilizes for their clients’ search engine visibility, Google My Business is another beneficial tool they use to reach a broader audience.


Benefits of being a part of Google My Business include:

  • Manage Business Information with Google — If you are on Google My Business with verified information, your business is more likely to be considered reputable by customers.
  • Customer Interaction — You can read and respond to customer reviews. Also, the more photos you upload the more you are likely to receive driving directions from Google maps and clicks through to their websites than companies that don’t.
  • Understanding and Expanding Business — With Google my Business, you can see how customers searched your business and where they’re coming from. You’ll also be able to see information on how many people clicked and called from the phone number listed on local search results.


While these benefits look easy enough for any business owners to handle, the work of updating and managing Google My Business can be tedious. Social media optimization or search engine visibility is not an easy task you can just assign to your least busy employee. You need a professional who has the skills and know-how of how to advertise and market your business in this digital world we live in. 


When you hire AskAnny.com as your digital marketing manager, they will ensure all your social media platforms, website, and Google My Business are regularly checked. AskAnny has flexible and affordable plans that fit your budget and needs. 


Aside from helping you with Google My Business, your seo manager will also assist you with:

  • Digital and Advertising Campaigns — They will help you with creating eye-catching marketing optimization strategies, such as flyers, brochures, email newsletters, and business cards.
  • Brand Visibility — Your assigned digital marketing manager will lead a group of talented designers to develop and get your logo recognized by a wide range of new and old clients.
  • Reputation Management — While working on your customer interaction on Google My Business, your seo manager will ensure your business maintains a positive ranking in search engine results.


For your business’ success and progress, AskAnny constantly and consistently updates your social media profiles and marketing campaigns and maintains a healthy website packed with SEO keywords so you don’t fall behind against your competitors.


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